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Hotel Policies


Hotel Policies

For the comfort, safety, and security of all guests, King Fy Hotel ensures that 

·      Only guests who are checked in at reception with valid identification (Passport or Khmer ID Card) are allowed in the rooms at all times. Should guests wish to be joined by partners at a later time or date they must notify front desk of the partner's details and ask partners to present valid identification (Passport or Khmer ID Card) at reception.

·      Check in time is 2.00 pm and Check Out time is 12.30 Noon. If you wish to occupy your room till 6.00 pm we reserve the right to charge for an extra half day, and beyond 6.00 pm for an extra full day. Please inform us in advance if you wish to occupy your room longer as our ability to meet your request is strictly subject to availability.

·       Room visitors are not allowed.

·      The only children (those aged 15 or below) allowed in a room at any time are those who have has checked in with a guest and can be verified to be the child of the guest by virtue of their or their parents valid identification  (Passport or Khmer ID Card).

·      Smoking is not allowed in any of the rooms. There are room top areas  available for smokers.

·      No weapons of any kind, drugs or other prohibited items are allowed in any part of the Hotel’s premises.

·      We have a private safety box for each room available and are happy to hold larger items at reception, King Fy hotel does not take any responsibility for any lost/missing items or cash in the Hotel premises and we strongly advise guests to refrain from leaving any valuables or cash in their rooms.

·      All Equipments and Fittings are the property of King Fy Hotel. Damaged or missing items will be charged into your account. Guests are responsible for any damages done to the hotel caused by your behavior whether intentional or unintentional.

The hotel reserves the right to contact authorities or to vacate you from your room without notice as a consequence of a violation of these Policies.



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